per diffondere la luce, insieme 

A Miracle ....

September 23, 2004

From Magda:

On Saturday, September 18, our spiritual family has gathered together and, as one heart, has offered its love and light to help activate the Light Grid, the Web of Love. We were quite a group, weren't we? Forty Angels, only one heart! What a great emotion, what a strong healing energy, how much Love! I felt completely wrapped up by this huge wave of Light going out from your hearts, from my heart towards all the other hearts connecting all over the globe, towards the very heart of  Mother  Earth itself.  It has been a very intense, involving experience, a spiritual joy, an incredible empowerment! It has been a growing emotion, from the first meeting, the first hug, the first words till the moment of leaving, full of promises, see you soon, very very soon.... We will never feel alone again. The energy of our spiritual family is anchored there, in the thousand vibrations of the love grid and will help keep it  active, alive. Last Saturday a miracle took place and it is just the beginning. Our work isn't over yet: we cannot leave it halfway, can we, Angels? The Web of Love is our creation and now we must take care of it. We cannot meet personally as often as we would like, but we can join together with our intent in that very special place of Light and offer regularly  our healing energy and love to our Mother Earth, in order to facilitate her and our evolutionary process towards the higher dimensions. 

So, thank you, Angels, Lightworkers, Lighthouses, for the Love you give, for your work, for being .... Special thanks to my dear friend and collaborator Mimma, to Marina, the webmasters and the Associations who helped us make a miracle. Big hugs to all of you,



The Italian partners experience

We have started receving reports from the Associations  that have organized gatherings in various Italian towns, in collaboration with us.

There was a group of 13 in the Ayurveda Center in Genova.

Twelve people were meditating at the Manipura Association in Segrate (Milan).

A group of twenty gathered in the Association The Garden of Ki-Moon in Rome.

They all lived a wonderful spiritual experience.

I am expecting to receive information  from the other  gatherings in Varese, Bologna, Trieste, Gorizia, Lecce.

Thank you for helping us spread the Light!