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The Web of Love 

Up-date January 26, 2005

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August 25, 2004

Can our thoughts and feelings affect matter?

Are we really a connected or are we separate individuals?

Is there really a universal energy that ties all things  together?

On Saturday, September 18, 2004 Lightworkers around the globe are invited to join together to take part in a scientific experiment that will answer these questions. . .and more.  Under the auspices of Measurements Research Inc., an independent laboratory in Providence, Rhode Island, and in conjunction with our partner hosts featured on the left, we will be presenting a global experiment to scientifically monitor the effects of human emotion on specified target objects.  The data collected will be used as the basis for a scientific study and subsequent published paper among the scientific community. To accommodate different time zones, this experiment will be conducted on two separate occasions at 11:00am (1100) and 4pm (1600) US Pacific Time on 18 September 2004 for twenty-five minutes duration.

We will activate a new grid that will begin a new form of communication   previously used only by Indigo and Crystal children.

At the two times of 11:00am  (11:00 and 4pm (16:00) US Pacific Time on 18 September 2004 we will dedicate 25 minutes for this experiment. 

The purpose of this experiment is two-fold: First, to introduce and substantiate the veracity of certain metaphysical concepts to the satisfaction of the scientific community.  Second, to activate a new form of global telepathic communication, which is being called the Web of Love.

The Web of Love

We have been aware that many of the new children being born on Earth have a way of communicating telepathically. Some spiritual teachers have labeled this ‘the Web.' It has been suggested that the collective vibration of humans is now higher enough to sustain this form of communication on a worldwide scale. All we have to do to activate this web is to join together with focused intent to transmit love and healing energy. This experiment will enable us not only to accomplish the very first activation, but also to scientifically measure and prove the effects on humans.

The experiment will last 25 minutes and be in three segments each lasting about five minute with a five minute break in between. The first segment we will send excited, turbulent energy into the Web of Love to activate and open the new form of communication that we call the Web of Love.  The second segment we will send Healing energy to reinforce the newly formed connections to the web.   Then the third five minutes we will solidify and stabilize the Web of Love by sending Love energy through the grid for 5 minutes.  The effects of these will all be measured on the target items.  Past target items have been a flame, a flower and a human being.