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The Lost City of Ancient OG  

August 12,  2010


Tiajuancaco - Lost City of Ancient OG

Lord Metatron via James Tyberonn  

Greetings Beloved! 

And so the channel finds himself again in the very interesting area of the Lake Titcaca vortex. In the land, once called OG. It is if he is drawn here, you see because many of his lives were spent here in this region. Particularly those immediately after the fall of Atlantis, before his sojourns in Egypt. Thus the feelings of sadness, you see, particularly in the area you call Tiahuanco, for it was immediately after Atlantis, where the channel began the current cycle of physicality. 

As Tyberonn, the channel was not Atlantean.  In that time you must know that you were not of the earth. We tell you that many in the first phase of Atlantis were of extra terrestrial origin, and their beingness was manifested into full consciousness, sometimes in full physicality, sometimes not. These beings had the ability to come and go in that way, you see. The channel found such great interest then, as he does now with all that is relative to the dimension and grids.  Tyberonn in those long series of life manifestation was in many many scientific aspects of the ley systems, crystalline energy systems, and even was consulted in the design of the Pyramids of Giza. But not truly as man, in current form, rather as manifested consciousness.  Tyberonn carried an understanding for interpreting the energetic system, as an information keeper, and in making this knowledge useful to the Atlanteans. You see Tyberonn spent great periods of time in etheric non-physical state in order to have the direct knowledge of the Mastery.

In the third phase of Atlantis, Tyberonn became more and more drawn to the experience and chose a selective form of what we will term physical birth once the physical rejuvenation technology achieved a level that allowed very long lifetimes. In the process of physical birth incarnation, much had to be relearned each time. Then as now much is hidden by overlay in each new incarnation, and must be relearned by seeking. But through prearrangement, we will say, Tyberonn was recognized by those adepts that were still in physical body, much as is done in Tibet even now, and his exact time and place of birth was known, and he was given special training from an early age to allow for the remembering to achieve the purpose of his chosen physical life. The technologies were available for greatly renewing the physical body and allowing for long physical lifetimes, some of which exceeded 1000 years in your current measurement.

So in time, Tyberonn became captive to that grid and in some ways became captive to the earth.  He was called upon to experience physically what he need not have experienced physically.


After the fall of Atlantis, the channel found himself in the Atlantean colony near Tiajuanco. In that lifetime he became aware of what had happened and  knew no way back home other than to align himself  with the highest peoples, the highest points that he could discover upon the earth and thereby accept and experience full cycle of reincarnation. And that is how you became aligned with this place and with this land and these people. But we will add that as Tyberonn in Atlantis you visited OG, Yucatan and Egypt many times in scientific endeavor. 


You see Tyberonn, your root soul, is now as then an ascended Master of Light of Pleiadean origin, yet when the decision was made to manifest into physical life cycle, in physical body, your true identity and true nature are hidden from you, somewhat. So as with all humans who become ingrained deeply in reincarnational pattern, he became somewhat separated from the source Tyberonn, his incarnations became slowly less aware of that root essence. You see after Atlantis, humanity fell greatly in terms of knowledge and technology standards.


You had a series of lifetimes in Tiajuanco. At first you were disoriented and wandered a bit as if lost, sensing the recent cataclysm, as did many souls after the fall. Many were initially confused as they discovered the lifetimes of the earth were much shorter than had been expereinced in Atlantis.


There still remained pockets of learning and awareness, here and there, especially in the Andes, Yucatan and in Egypt, and you were drawn to these academics. At that time your name was Calnae Ra.  In OG, you were what one would consider a geo-vulcanologist. You learned how to utilize such energies, and were among those who participated in the sonic lifting of stone blocks, by manifesting them in higher dimensions and stepping them down into physicality.  Thus the Pyramids of Tiajuanco would naturally feel very familiar to you, and you would also sense a strange sadness according to that sojourn amongst the 'lost people' after Atlantis.

Now we are asked to speak of the energy of Tiajuanco.. Tiajuanaco became populated as a LeMurian colony in the land called OG, and eventually became Atlantean, after the demise of Mu. It was one of the major colonial centers of civilization during the final Atlantean periods, although much of OG was devastated by the Atlantean tsunami. Only those regions of elevation above 6000 feet survived relatively intact. But it was  here that other beings, an extra terrestrial race, participating upon the Earth, temporarily assisting and sharing themselves and departing after that.  This race of beings interacted with the Lemurians, Atlanteans in Tiahuanco and the Egyptians, in order to assist for a period after the demise of both. 

The energy harmonic of this ancient place is very complex and aspects of its energetic structure functionally occur in several dimensions beyond the three. This is the phenomenon the channel refers to as 'zipped' space; a condensed and concentric folding of the various dimensional grid fibers. This enhances the ability to co exist within several realms of dimensionality at once. It is similar to what many call passing thought the veil, yet that is not a totally accurate description .It is more akin to entering a hologram of 5 dimensions in which all are experienced at once, without actually leaving the dimensionality in which you normally function, therefore there is not a 'passing through', but an overlapping coexistence of dimensional membranes. This happens in many areas of concentrated energies.

Below Tiahuanaco are vast chambers and geometrical inserts (holgrams) under the earth that are connected by intricate tunnels systems to many other grid points and sacred sites. These include the areas of Machu Picchu, Egypt, the Glastonbury Tor, Easter Island and San Francisco Peaks in Arizona. The great subterranean labyrinth of what is termed fourth dimensional leys connects all of which.

Directly below the entrance is a vast, spacious underground temple, as large as a small city. A magnificent temple still exists there, there is an inverted pyramid that corresponds to the Akapana Pyramid above. This completes an energy pattern of the octahedron.Entrance to the vast subterranean chambers is achieved through obtaining a vibration of high frequency. Few souls in biology have the ability to achieve this entry. There are few in biology on the planet that retain this ability and knowledge, although that number is beginning to increase. As we have told you, there are thousands of crystal harmonic children on the planet now who have the potential to achieve this frequency. 

These subterranean gateways contain energetic amplifiers and refineries that were once used both in the subterranean and atmospheric levels of the planet. And among other uses, projected an energetic field that was connected to the earth's magnetic core. This field is still somewhat projected, but with far less scope and utility. This is an energy operated through what you term the gravity grid. These are still maintained somewhat by extra terrestrials, particularly those of Syrius B. Primarily for a revamping of portions of the fourth dimensional ley system.

It is also the same energy that was 'tapped' sonically for the anti-gravity aspect used by the post LeMurian and post Atlantean adepts of this area, for the lifting in place of the enormous stone blocks for the precision engineering and construction of the Pre Incan and Incan Temples in this region of ancient Og and as well with the Mayans civilizations of Mexico. Scientist- Priests who were very advanced in their technical knowledge of frequencies, telluric and light energies, held the knowledge. The priest-scientist in those times, before the deluge, and for a period afterward, were trained for intense periods of about 20 years, both in scientific and mental development, thus to combine the science with the psychic or spiritual aspects of living energy.

A process involving a correlation of energies received by solar and cosmic rays, amplified at certain refraction angles with crystals & frequential thought created sonic light projections of antimatter and antigravity. 

A different application of frequencial technology was utilized to open and operate the harmonic byways of the labyrinth leys. Again with the integral wisdom of spiritual science.  Great ceremonies were held as a method of fine-tuning this energetic network.  Like the ley systems, this energetic labyrinth is but a remnant of its Atlantean utility.

Many pyramids were once connected to this labyrinth network, and were used as multidimensional wormholes in the fabric of the planetary and universal grids. Many natural power sites were incorporated into this vast network. These leyways were initially developed in the third Atlantean period from about 28,000 BC and functioned with great enhancement, utilizing extra terrestrial technology, until the demise of Atlantis and for a short period afterward. The tunnels were laid in many instances, but not all, along existing leyline paths utilizing a hyper dimensional technology. They leys were amplified and used for travel, communication and energy grid relay. The tunnels likewise were used to connect underground chambers, and in some circumstances, for mining.

Some of the subterranean chambers held the functions of receiving, storing, amplifying and projecting certain refined energies that were aligned with the earth's molten core. These were for many uses, including planetary balance and for pooling & concentrating certain forces of energy for use in projecting fields. The projection process is similar in nature to the nozzled jet stream effect, or hydro jacuzzi force as you term it, although the energy was of a electromagnetic nature, and contained in a sophisticated refined matrix of opposing electromagnetic fields. This process utilized science and knowledge of planetary and universal energies such as mineralogy, tectonics and astrological gravities.

Some of the subterranean chambers were inhabited by man. These  evolved into what we will term fourth dimensional beings. 

The chambers below Tiahuanco, Peru and Yucatan resonate to specific frequencies of light and sound. These resonances could enhance human consciousness not unlike the chambers of cathedrals, but on an enormous scale, hyper dimensionally. The refined energy accumulations were incredibly potent, and capable of being converted into many utilities. It could be brought closer to the surface of the world at places like Tiahuanaco for the purpose of group experience and individual participation. People are still drawn to these sites in the act of receiving from the living Earth, for indeed the energy is easily accessible to the former residents of OG, and of the science-priesthood, or Atla-Ra.

This area may be termed the 12th Gate, for still beneath the waters of nearby Titikaka exist the 12th Sun Disc, and it is currently being reactivated along with the two Master Atlantean Crystals that the channel and many others relocated in the final catastrophic shaking of Atlantis as it sank in sad demise. 


I am Metatron, Lord of Light, and I share with you these Truths. You are ever-Beloved.

...and so it is !

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