per diffondere la luce, insieme 

Beacons of Light

Reminders from Home

The Beacons of Light "Re-minders from Home" are monthly messages from loving Entities known as The Group, channelled by Steve Rother. They offer information for our own individual discernment about re-membering our true powers. Once re-membered we use these powers to create Home on this side of the veil. They offer us tools for incorporating this power in the higher vibrations of the new planet Earth. The Group makes this information available for your own discernment and personal empowerment. Come and play the Game with us as we connect and change the world one heart at a time. We are creating Home here now. 

The monthly message began on the Internet in February 1996 and has since grown to include representation in 146 countries to date.

In this section you will find the latest Beacons of Light.  For previous channellings, please go to

Welcome Home!